Thursday, 13 September 2012

Update... September 2012

Its been quite a few weeks for me and the team in Philippines.

The recent typhoons and monsoon rains which caused the floods in Manila and its surrounding provinces caused further delays to our project to launch our first vessel into operations in Palau.

New plans have to be put together and into action which will see us move MV Solitude One into the shipyard first to undergo her remodelling and retrofitting to become a vessel of Solitude standard. New artist impressions are being drawn out and will be posted to give everyone an idea what she will look like.

Cruise Schedule announcement has also been postponed to a later date (tentatively to be announced early October 2012). The cruise schedule will be announced together with the rates and the data sheet of the vessel.

Thank you all for support and your continuing reminders that you are just waiting for our liveaboard to be ready to make that dream Palau liveaboard holiday that you had always wanted to go!

As always, stay tuned to our channel...



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