Wednesday, 18 July 2012

The Journey Begins...

It has been a while since the page started with a promise to update our progress.. well, usual local admin and facilitation delays, we have finally taken over the 2 vessels physically since last week and are now getting clearances for us to move the vessels out of Batangas into Navotas (Philippines) where our works to retrofit, remodel and rebuild the vessels will be carried out. The vessels have also been renamed to Solitude One and Solitude 2.

Solitude 2 will be first to have her makeover and once she has her works completed, she will be first to go into operations in Palau.

From here on, you will see some artist impressions, general layout and also the release of 2013 Schedule in Palau for bookings!

Stay tuned to our blog and/or facebook page.

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