Tuesday, 2 February 2016


As part of the diving industry we are, our assistance to the Dive Shows is  a MUST and we are pleased and super excited to do that.

For us it is really important to attend them in order to know  at first hand more details of  which are the likes, dislikes, food preferences, suggestions, additional information required from our agencies, customers, followers, friends……. 

We spend part of the year travelling all over the world to enjoy the time with all of you in the Dive Shows and meet personally some of you or to have a nice chat with the ones that we have already met personally in previous Shows.

Whatever it  is the situation ….we love to be there.... in the main stage to keep going our path of our well-known outstanding service, hospitality, safe diving…in summary  to provide you  unforgettable moments and experiences on board!.

If you would like to know when it will be the next Dive Show….we happily invite you  to follow us in our facebook page: Solitude Liveaboards …latest news are posted there!

As you know, we operate in Palau and Philippines (Tubbataha, Malapascua Island, Visayas, Cebu) and we have chosen these destinations because there are AWESOME places to be & dive but we should not forget that we are all linked to the oceans.

The oceans are the world’s great caretakers. We all need to do our part to keep the oceans clean and free of pollutants; we must leave it in a pristine state if we expect to go and enjoying its natural beauty.

For us, as divers the oceans may be playgrounds clean and well maintained!


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