Wednesday, 26 August 2015


We dive in Channels, Blue Holes, Walls, Corners, Caves and of course in HISTORY....

It is well known that Palau offers a big spectrum of wrecks and Solitude we would like to introduce you all of them little by little, you will dive in some of them....or if you wish in all of them...

TESHIO MARU WRECK ….. lies at 25m

The Teshio is a Japanese army cargo ship. It is 100m long and was sunk on March 30, 1944 as it was trying to escape from an inner lagoon. Its lies on its starboard side with a hole in the hull just between the two forward holes caused by a torpedo dropped by a fighter plane from the USS Bunker Hill.
Both anchors are still in stow position at the bow. A small gun is mounted at the bow but it is barely recognizable due to the heavy marine growth of oysters, black coral and sponges.  The two forward holds are empty but it is possible to swim through the torpedo hole to get to the hull.

Few artefacts are found within the superstructure and much of the engine room is damaged from salvaging. The rudder and the shaft are easily seen.
Large sea whips and sponges drip off the hull.

More wrecks history and specifications are coming soon…keep posted!

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