Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tubbataha, Visayas, Leyte... Solitude One adding Philippines to their Destinations!

Dear Solitude Fans!

Photos Courtesy of DaveHarasti.Com
It is with great excitement that I announce my decision to add the Philippines to our Solitude One's liveaboard diving service! This will be an annual practice beginning in 2016. Solitude One will now be serving Palau and the Philippines!

The first cruise schedule is on the 19 April (to 28 April) 2016 leaving from Mactan and diving our way towards Tubbataha. Besides Tubbataha, We will be offering the itineraries of the south and northern visayas. With the tremendous support Solitude has with the who's who of the local diving in the philippines, we will be working with them on coming up with the various itineraries and exploratory plans too! 

I know what everyone thinks about when a liveaboard goes to a new destination, but even the most experienced had a first day at work. That is why the support is not all academics, but with the local diving aficionados being on board to assist in cruise directing and guide in tandem with our team!

Fresh off my desk is the updated schedule (and format) PDF file with the availability and rates. On page 3, you will find the inclusions/exclusions of the rates for our Philippines' itineraries. I will make available the other essential literature of Itineraries and FAQs as soon as I can and also be updating the website to add the pages with those essential information.  
As many of you know, this has been in the plans and we are extremely excited and looking forward to this new destination in addition to Palau! I want to thank all the support and encouragement to help make this decision easier!

Have a great week ahead and please feel free to let me know if you need specific information with regards to this latest added destination to welcome and host our guests!


Andrew Lok

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