Monday, 22 December 2014

One Year..........

9th of December 2014……, for most of the people is a normal date but for the CREW of MV Solitude One is a really special day.
That day, early morning, flat sea, sunny day ……. MV Solitude One FINALLY  made her entry in the Republic of Palau from Philippines , that day MV Solitude One started its operations in Palau.

We have already spent  a year in Palau, we have learnt a lot from all of us and from all of our guest that we have been hosting  on board  and we have enjoy even more the beauty of these pristine waters of the Pacific with turquoise lagoons and coral reefs full of life.
Also during the first year, MV Solitude One has become partner of Divencounters  Alliance , 7 different boats in 6 different destinations offering to all of our guest several  benefits , after this Alliance we feel so proud of her.

Life in the paradise is a gift, every morning wake up and observe such an awesome landscape through our porthole is priceless.
The Rock Islands Southern Lagoon of Palau has been inscribed on the World Heritage List in 2012 “ Seventy Islands” , as a mixed cultural and natural site into the UNESCO. There is also the highest concentration of marine lakes anywhere, an example is The Jellyfish Lake in Macharchar Island with the Golden Mastigias  and Aurilia Mon Jellyfish.

Every single day is a challenge for us, we feel so fortunate of being part of Solitude Family, we are 1 year old , pretty new in PALAU but not new in the diving & hospitality Industry!
Diving, kayaking, Snorkeling……everyone is welcome……….it is just amazing!

Many, many many years to come!
Congratulations for your FIRST Anniversary MV Solitude One!
MV Solitude One Crew 

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