Friday, 31 October 2014

A Conservation Area made permanent

Threats from overexploited fisheries, non-sustainable forest practices and increasing development  Palauans to recognize that action must be taken to protect their environment for future generations due to a critical balance between the need to use their natural resources today and the need to sustain those for future.

Palau’s government has taken towards to protect their natural resources with the creation of a comprehensive Protected Areas.

One of the last MADE PERMANENT has been: The Ngederrak Conservation Area, which includes a inner lagoon, sea grass beds, coral reef, channels, and a critical nursery habitat for many kinds of juvenile reef fish and provides a very important feeding place for the endangered and vulnerable species of dugong.

In Palau we have the world’s most isolated population of this relative of the manatee.

An Adult Dugong
Protecting this area will mean juvenile fish can grow and move to other areas outside the conservation area.
The legal restrictions are no fishing, no disturbance, no boats in approximately 5.8 square km in size. It is located to the southeast of Malakal Harbour in Koror
Our help is really important, for example being a volunteer to take part in conversations activities, report violations, respect the boundaries of the area.
Others Conservation Areas are: Ngerukewid,  Ngerumekaol, Ngemelis.

Palau thanks to his biodiversity and beauty is name as one of the  “Seven underwater wonders of the wold” 

Taking care of the ocean, we are taking care of us!

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