Tuesday, 2 September 2014

New Deposit/Payment Terms! You have been heard!

(C) Nu Parnupong
Jelly Fish Lake Photo by Nu Parnupong
We hear you! We have had a few consistent feedback with regards to our deposit and payment terms especially for Charters and we have decided to alter our payment terms to facilitate more advanced bookings. 

With effect from 1st September 2014, All bookings (Individual or charters) will have the new payment terms for deposit as follow

  • Minimum deposit of 15% of the total cruise fare payable must be received by Solitude within 14 days from the invoice date to confirm your reservation.
  • Additional 20% of the total cruise fare must be paid no later than 300 days (total of 35% is required if departure date is less than 300 days) and 
  • the remaining balance must be paid no later than 60 days before the embarkation/departure date of your cruise (full payment is required if departure date is less than 60 days).
Cancellation Terms have also been changed to reflect the deposit payment terms. For the complete Booking Terms and Conditions, download a copy here

The new payment/cancellatino terms will not affect current bookings with deposits paid. These bookings will have their final balance due no later than 60 days before the embarkation/departure date.

For further clarification and/or information, please emailus [at] solitude-liveaboards.com

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