Tuesday, 22 October 2013

A glimpse of Solitude One's Diving Skiff

Alfonso taking one of the skiff for a test...

Solitude One skiff(s) has a unique hull design which is conceptualised by our in-house naval architect, Gerard Ogang.  The rest of the boat (except for the roof frame and Canvas) was also custom built in-house with fiberglass for the extra strength and ease of maintenance. The composite used is also a higher grade which gives the skiff the added strength without the usual weight thus making it lighter and saving fuel in the long run. 

This Skiff, christened as "M1", is powered by twin 150HP outboard engines and is equipped with VHF, Compass, GPS, navigation lights and deck lightings. Of course, during dives, on board medical oxygen will be available as well.

M1 will share her duties with another one (christened "M2") on Solitude One bringing her guests diving, island tours or just a ride.

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