Sunday, 30 December 2012

Photo/Videographers - This is for you...

One of our credos in Solitude is "listen.observe.create.deliver" and we do our utmost to appease and facilitate our guests. Taking videos and/or photos are one of the main interest you will find in scuba divers these days which is why we have deliberately created on board Solitude One, a room (called "Digital Room").

Port-Side of the Digital Room
Besides the basic necessities, there is ample personal space to stow securely your photo/video equipment and accessories, and a large working bench, you will not need to take up the precious space on your beds or wardrobe in your cabins!

Starboard-Side of the Digital Room
In the same room, you will also find a library of resources for your reference and computer desktop terminals for your use if you want to leave your laptop at home! Satellite data connectivity^ is also available on these terminals for you to connect to the internet if you should need to. The satellite phone^ will also be located in the Digital Room.

This room is not just a simple table top with shelves for photo/videographers, this room is purpose-built with the needs of any genre of photo/videographers to work, prep, recharge batteries, etc. Whether you are a compact camera photographer or the the big set-up DSLR pro diver, you will appreciate the dedication given to this room for the photo/videographers.

 ^Satellite Communications charges are applicable.

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